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Bonnie Tyler – Between The Earth And The Stars

Bonnie Tyler’s seventeenth studio album Between The Earth And The Stars, produced by David Mackay, is released by earMUSIC label in March 2019. It includes duets with Rod Stewart, Barry Gibb and Cliff Richard.

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Dido – Still on My Mind

The English hitmaker Dido is set to return with her first album in five years. Titled Still On My Mind, it’s due for release on March 8th through BMG. The forthcoming effort serves as Dido’s fifth overall and follow-up to Girl Who Got Away, the 2013 LP which featured producers Jeff Bhasker and Greg Kurstin. […]

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Whitesnake – Slide It In: The Ultimate Edition (2019 Remaster)

Whitesnake scored its first platinum-selling album in 1984 with Slide It In, a release that has sold more than six million copies worldwide thanks to hard-rocking songs like “Love Ain’t No Stranger,” “Slow An’ Easy” and the title track. The classic album turns 35 this year! « Slide It In » was always meant to be a […]

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Paul Weller – Other Aspects (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)

Tracklist: 01. One Bright Star (Live at the Royal Festival Hall) 04:15 02. Glide (Live at the Royal Festival Hall) 02:27 03. The Soul Searchers (Live at the Royal Festival Hall) 04:55 04. Boy About Town (Live at the Royal Festival Hall) 02:56 05. Have You Ever Had It Blue (Live at the Royal Festival […]

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Patty Griffin – Patty Griffin

Grammy award winning recording artist Patty Griffin’s eponymous new release marks the 11th studio album of her career and her first release since 2015’s Servant of Love.

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Drake – So Far Gone

On the one hand, it’s heartening that something like this can still happen: Relative unknown creates mixtape with a few friends and uploads it to the Internet, and then, within a few months, he’s maybe/possibly dating Rihanna and fielding seven-figure offers from broke major labels. Except, in this case, the relative unknown in question was […]

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Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness

Chaka Khan is set to return with her first album in 12 years. The full-length is dubbed, Hello Happiness, and is due for arrival on February 12th. Hello Happiness serves as the long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s Funk This. It’s being released through Diary Records, the new label co-founded by Major Lazer member and Grammy-nominated producer […]

Continuation of the war NewMix Radio / Paypal. Paypal finally decided to release funds BUT because there's a snag, paypal does not want any more of me basing itself on numerous disputes of the part hostile people 3 years ago when I was a storekeeper on EBay. The account of NewMix Radio was opened for more than a year and paypal had nothing to add because I am not any more a storekeeper I perceived only earnings, I sold nothing, no dispute, everything spent very well. Consequence I cannot always perceive my earnings(gains) and I find that to put in danger an activity by basing itself on facts of 3 years ago is exaggerated and excessive. Furthermore paypal does not want to delete my personnal informations of their databases which they keep during 10 years. Maybe in Belgium it is legal but paypal also depends on the French law, I am thus going to contact the CNIL (NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES). The pursuits for damages will continue unless paypal decide to reacitvate completely my account.




NewMix Radio concept

NewMix (formerly Anthology Webradio) concept is very simple : Music only.
26 theme channels so far.
No show, no live, no DJ, no interview or other blah blah.
Yes there are ads 2 minutes 2 times per hour. They are necessary to pay the servers, to buy songs and other fees. Without those ads NewMiw wouldn’t be here.

Don’t hesitate to send me you suggestions, your cover songs or you personal work for promotion to my email on Facebook or on Snapchat : newmixradio.

Good listening and thanks for listening.

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